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Positive Reviews

The most rewarding part of what SELARU OVIDIU does is seeing how their images spark joy and evoke emotions, turning every picture into a special treasure. Read some great reviews from past clients they have worked with.

Street Photography Masterclass Workshops In London UK

Ovidiu has helped me improve my composition skills by considering how light, contrast and negative space impacts the mood and perspective of my photographs. I would highly recommend his workshops to anyone who wants to become a better street photographer.


Street Photography Masterclass Workshops In London UK

A great workshop yesterday with Ovidiu Selaru!
Understanding light, composition and feeling are just some of the skills he covered during the day . A fun and relaxing walk around London.
Thank you!

Mike Adams

Street Photography Masterclass Workshops In London UK

I recently booked a workshop with Selaru Ovidiu, the focus was minimalist street photography. I am a wedding photographer so I know my way around a camera but I wanted some inspiration and insight into Street Photography and I was referred to Selaru Ovidiu. Having no done any workshops in the past I was unsure what to expect. However, we met in London and very soon the great adventure was underway. 
I learn so much from Ovidiu, he gave me his total attention and guidance showing me photo opportunities focusing on light and composition. we patiently waited for unique moments to appear and creating excellent minimalist shots.
I was delighted with the day and I would highly recommend this workshop and Selaru to guide you through street photography.
With a full day of walking and taking photos, it was excellent value for money .5*****

Jenni Sullivan

Street Photography Masterclass Workshops In London UK

I shoot a wide range of subjects from travel to traditional landscape photography
but when the dreaded pandemic hit my visits to The English Lake District were
well and truly curtailed! So, I turned my attention to shooting locally around
London. I was lucky enough in 2020 to be commended in The UK Landscape
Photographer Of The Year (LPOTY) in the Urban Life Category, so my interest in
street and urban was raised!
I studied the great and many dedicated street photographers on Instagram where
I found Ovi. Eventually, I managed to book one of Ovi’s Fine Art Street
Photography Workshops. Ovi took us to some fantastic locations around London,
some of which I knew, others I didn’t, but now I saw in a totally different light (pun
He showed us exactly how he worked and explained his minimalist approach,
what he looked for and how to see and capture the scene in a unique way.
Finding the right angle of light, composition, depth of light and shade and how to
wait for the decisive moment to capture and create a more dramatic photograph
with a story behind it!
An enjoyable and entertaining day with a total of eight hours of shooting and tuition
ensured excellent value for money!

Ray Graham

Ray Graham

Street Photography Masterclass Workshops In London UK

A few months ago, I noticed the works of a street photographer named OVIDIU SELARU.
His works are characterized by artistic street photography, original creativity, interesting angles, intelligent geometry, and delicate light.
I decided to contact him (in Romanian) and ask to arrange a photography workshop.
The workshop site we agreed on was Paris.
On one of the weekends of August 22, we held, together with three other talented photographers, a two-day workshop on the eternal streets of Paris.
The workshop was characterized by a lot of practical work, over 15 km walk a day, analysis of photographic situations and angles, and a great deal of reading of the light in the neighbourhoods of wonderful Paris.
On a personal level, the workshop contributed greatly to the point of significantly upgrading street vision in the photographic context.
Undoubtedly, OVIDIU SELARU excels in my eyes as a teacher, an artist and no less important as a pleasant companion.
For this, we are grateful and hope to meet and work together with him in future photographic opportunities.

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